About the Ministry of Social Affairs and Culture

The Ministry of Social Affairs and culture is responsible for social policy, gender equality and cultural policy.

The Ministry prepares legislation concerning the state pension and a range of disability and ill health benefits. The Ministry makes policies encouraging disabled people and those with ill health to work and be independent, as well as understanding and dealing with the causes of poverty.

The Ministry provides welfare services especially through Almannaverkið (the Social Office), www.av.fo, as well as through Sjóndepilin (Centre for blind and visually handicapped persons) www.sjondepilin.fo and Dugni (Rehabilitation Centre) www.dugni.fo.

The Ministry is moreover responsible for gender equality policy and the gender equality law, which object is to eradicate all discrimination based on gender.

The Ministry also financially supports numerous voluntary and non-profit organizations, who provide different services.

The Ministry participates in the Nordic Council of Ministers for Health and Social Affairs. The co-operation focuses on removal of barriers to ensure free movement in the Nordic Region, to develop the Nordic welfare states in relation to new challenges from EU and globally, to develop the Nordic co-operation with its immediate territories, and exchanging data and experiences on the Health and Social Area. The Ministry also participates in the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Gender Equality, as well as the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Culture.

The Ministry is responsible for initiatives involving support to creative arts, cultural heritage, archives, libraries and museums. The ministry is also responsible for copyright, broadcasting, sports and international cultural cooperation.


Almanna- og mentamálaráðið

Ministry of Social Affairs and culture

Eirargarður 2

FO-100 Tórshavn Faroe Islands Phone +298 30 40 00 *  Email: ammr@ammr.fo

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